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Finding The Coffee

Our goal, to bring you a precise selection of the finest coffees, has seen us embark on a global mission to the most infamous coffee regions in the world.   We do the hard work so you can sit back and enjoy the coffee.

Our journey begins by sourcing the finest beans. With winning coffee beans from North America, South America and Africa, the coffee beans are then roasted to perfection. Once ground to a medium coarseness, we then begin the intricate process of creating our blends.

These blends are essential for creating the unique and well-balanced flavours of our ground coffee. The ground coffee from each bean is mixed and matched in various proportions until we have our final blends.

Roots and Rose Coffee Beans

The Testing

The next step is our favourite. Testing! Our shortlist of coffee blends is presented to our friends and family to taste and rank in order of preference. Whilst an important process, it also gives us a chance to catch up with loved ones over freshly brewed coffee. This is the reason we started Roots and Rose in the first place – to allow people to connect over our top-notch coffee.

Below you can find out more about our three ground coffees: ‘House Blend’, ‘Brunch Blend’ and ‘The Long Haul’. We are particularly excited about ‘The Long Haul’ – a ground coffee from a Guatemalan bean that was so naturally tasty and well-rounded, a blend was simply unnecessary!

All our coffee is available individually, as a monthly coffee subscription or as part of a unique coffee gift set for the coffee lovers in your life.

Introducing Surrey Beans

Prefer to grind your own coffee? We are excited to offer our specially selected ‘Surrey Beans’. Available as a one-off purchase or monthly coffee subscription, these beans have been through the same rigorous selection as all of our ground coffees.

And we come recommended, visit our Trustpilot page to read some reviews from our growing number of happy customers.

Roots and Rose Coffee Bean Grinder

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