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House Blend

The House Blend is a blend from Colombia, Costa Rica and Brazil. This coffee was hands down the firm favourite amongst our family and friends and can be drunk at any point in the day. It’s a smooth blend, with a great flavour and no bitter aftertaste. Best enjoyed all day with your friends and family.

Brunch Blend

The Brunch Blend is a magnificent blend brought to you from Latin America, Kenya and Brazil. This combo is destined for greatness and gives you the kick you need, particularly around the brunch time of day, or if you need a real pick me up in the afternoon.

The Long Haul

The Long Haul does exactly what it says on the tin. This is our single origin, Guatemalan coffee that packs a real punch. This is a stronger coffee with a full-bodied, delicious flavour. Guatemala is known for it’s production of quality coffee and The Long Haul is no exception.

Surrey Beans

These are our very finest coffee beans, for those who like to grind their own coffee at home. The beans originate from Colombia and Brazil and have been selected for their unrivalled flavour.

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